This is an ab-initio integrated course commenced with no previous flight experience.
The purpose of the integrated course for Airline Transport Pilots ATP (A) consists of the training of pilots up to a level of competence to enable them to act as copilot in multi-engine and multi pilot aircraft for airline commercial transport, and at the same time obtain the Commercial Pilot’s Licence (Aircraft) CPL(A), Instrument Rating (IR), Single-Engine Rating (SE), Multi-engine Rating (ME), and the ground school phase of the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Frozen ATPL) along with the Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC-CRM) in a simulator FNPT II / MCC.


  • Class 1 medical certificate.
  • Knowledge entrance exam.
  • Pass the pre-entry English and Psychometrics level tests.
  • Minimum Age: 18 years at the time of the final exam.

Ground Training:

Subject Hours
Air Law 70
Aircraft General Knowledge 110
Flight Performance And Flight Planning 120
Human Performance 60
Meteorology 80
Navigation 190
Operational Procedures 40
Principles of Flight 40
Communication 40
Total 750

Flight Training
155 flight hours, divided as follows:
– 141 hours single engine
– 3 hours single engine semi-aerobatic UPRT
– 11 hours multi-engine.

FNPT II Simulator Training:
40 hours

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course
Ground school course 25 hours
Simulator 20 hours (10 PF + 10 PNF)

Total estimated duration of the complete course:
15 months

Ground exams: At Airpull facilities in Manises (Valencia) on designated dates.

Flight exams: supervised by an examiner authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority using the school’s fleet and facilities.

Prices include:

  • 750 hours of theoretical training according the official syllabus approved by AESA
  • 155 hours total flight time
  • 50 hours FNPT II simulator
  • 20 hours MCC.
  • SE-VFR flight exam and fees
  • CPL-ME flight exam and fees.
  • ME-IR flight exam and fees.
  • Landing fees
  • Ipad with ATPL(A) Books
  • Plotter, CRP5, Location Chart
  • 12 months subscription to Aviation Exam
  • Headset and Logbook
  • License issuing fees

I am interested in the course

Pioneer school for pilots in Europe, with more than 14 years’ experience and a fleet of 10 aircraft, 2 simulators and 2 personal aerodromes.


Quality, safety and number of operations in the shortest time possible


Extense fleet of aircraft for professional formation


Requirements and standards of quality and official educational norms


Close to Valencia, in Requena, with our own aerodrome


Many helpful options to finance the course


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