Taking the pilot course at Airpull Aviation Academy comes with great advantages in relation to other pilot schools. Beside the training quality, commitment and experience of the teachers and instructors, facilities are key to the successful education of the future pilots.

Own aerodrome

An aerodrome within the same academy allows and minimizes airplane access time, therefore optimizing the student’s designated time to proceed with his/her flight (no airport transfer or waiting to access the track). Professional activities related to the air sector are also conducted at the aerodrome, so the student is in constant communication with pilots.

Student dorm

Five minutes away from the aerodrome with daily transfer shuttle


Academy with on-line and computerized classrooms.

Flight simulators

We have flight simulators at our disposal to study situations and real weather conditions with precision.

Aircrafts, hangars, fuel and maintenance workshop


Menus adapted to students, pilots or visitors. Variety, quality and most of all, great taste!.

In short, Airpull Aviation Academy provides a top-class aeronautic campus in an international atmosphere, where student pilots are in constant touch with the aviation world.

Get to know our facilities

The European Safety Agency (EASA) Approved Training Organisation (ATO), Airpull Aviation Academy operates out of its own aerodrome: Requena Aerodrome - ICAO code LERE

Perfect aerodrome for Pilot Training, General Aviation and Private Flying

Great availability of flight hours

Clear flying conditions for more than 85% of the days of the year

Requena: excellent weather to train under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) AS WELL AS Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).

The ATO does carry out flights in other areas and airports in Spain such as Valencia, Soria, Reus, Ibiza, Alicante, Sotos (Cuenca), or Castellon so as to provide more experience during student training.

We offer much better training in terms of flight hours compared to other schools in a record time of just 15 months.

A private aerodrome and excellent weather - one of the great advantages offered at Airpull Aviation Academy

Total dedication, quality training and all the necessary resources in one place: airport, aircraft, classrooms, instructors and maintenance, etc.

Airpull Aviation Academy: Our priority: safety and quality in pilot training.

Requena Aerodrome: a key player in Europe for its quality pilot training as well as for its safety record and amount of services offered.


Airpull Aviation Academy: A Flight Training Organisation training pilots for the last 15 years with facilities of more than 2.000 square meters.

Maximum quality and efficiency in the student pilots training, immersed from the beginning in an aeronautical environment that is unique in Europe.

Requena Aerodrome

Classrooms with state-of-the-art technology

A fully approved new generation Alsim ALX FNPTII/MCC flight simulator and an Airbus A320 BITD cockpit familiarization training device.

Operations room, library, briefing room and a rest area for instructors and students.

Manises next to the Valencia airport

Administrative building

3 classrooms (where the theory for the courses of PPL(A), modular ATPL(A) are taught, library, archive and rest zone for the students.

Are you looking for accommodation in our facilities?

Students can take advantage of our residential campus so as to enjoy complete integration in the courses we have on offer

The main thinking behind this is for our students to be 100% focused on their academic training throughout the course. The nearer they are to the airfield and the school, the more advantage they can take of their studies and flying training due to the time saved through avoiding travel.
The best solution is our residential building “El Refugio”.

Located just 5 minutes from Requena Aerodrome, the residential complex provides a frequent transport service for all those students who do not have their own vehicles.
All of the rooms, large and medium sized singles as well as doubles, include a kitchenette and en suite bathroom for the student’s private use.

The services provided include an unlimited use of gas, electricity, water and Internet as well as a change of bed linen and towels along with regular cleaning of the rooms. There is also a washing and drying area for the students’ personal use.
Sharing an international atmosphere with other fellow students is an option which greatly enhances the experience enjoyed at the school.

There is a BAR-RESTAURANT in our terminal building which is open all day. Here, we are able to offer our students and visitors different services. Some of these include providing just light snacks, appetizers and coffee, to FULL MEALS OF ANY TYPE. With this service, we can cover all those specialized gastronomic needs for our students and members of the public who come from different countries and whose cultures or faith may require dietary restrictions.

Student residence into the airfield (unique in Spain)

Share an international experience with students around the world

Complete Single & Doble rooms with private bath and kitchenette

Why trust Airpull Aviation Academy?


Integrated ATPL and other complementary aviation courses are available.


Theory and practice in an aeronautic atmosphere that immerses you in the aviation world. Aerodrome and student dorm at the same location.


More than 10 aircrafts for your practical flight training.


ATO and FSTD certificates. International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools

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