2017 a record year for Airpull Aviation Academy

2017 has been a record year for the Valencian Approved Training Organisation (ATO) Airpull Aviation Academy, with a total of 4,991 flying hours carried out on 2,933 flight missions. These figures show an increase of more than 75% with regard to all the hours flown in 2016 (2,800 hours), which were the recorded maximum up to 2017, and now this previous record has been broken quite dramatically.

2017 will live on in Airpull Aviation Academy ATO’s memory and will be hard to forget. This was the year when the FNPTII/MCC Alsim ALX simulator received its certification, as well as having five new flying courses approved. All of this has meant that Airpull Aviation Academy has become the only ATO in Spain able to run all of the course available within the flying training system, including the Performance based navigation (PBN) course.

All of this adds up to Airpull Aviation Academy having become a benchmark organization with regard to Europe and the cutting-edge ATO in Spain. Since its accreditation as an Approved Training Organisation for Airline Transport Pilot (ATPL) training in March 2015, its numbers have not ceased to increase at an exponential rate, both in flying hours carried out as well as in the number of courses approved along with the amount of students involved.

Airpull Aviation Academy runs two Integrated ATPL (A) courses per year, which for 2018, start on the 26th of March and the 27th of September respectively.



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Integrated ATPL and other complementary aviation courses are available.


Theory and practice in an aeronautic atmosphere that immerses you in the aviation world. Aerodrome and student dorm at the same location.


More than 10 aircrafts for your practical flight training.


ATO and FSTD certificates. International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools

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