Airpull Aviation Academy has been awarded the 2019 prize for the best flying school in Europe

Airpull Aviation Academy has been given the prize for “Best European Flight School 2019” awarded by the prestigious British LUX Life Magazine in their “2019 Global Hospitality Awards”.

These awards came into being recently so as to recognise the effort made by those companies, and the professional teams who run them, which have given a strategic focus over the last year in reaching the top in their fields. Primarily taken into account is client satisfaction as well as a constant sustainable growth policy in a field which is ever more competitive 

The Award Tribunal evaluated the running of two Spanish Aerodromes managed by Airpull Aviation Academy (Requena Aerodrome and Soria Aerodrome). Also taken into account were the professional Team Members who make all of this possible. The performance of Pilots, Instructors, Flight Examiners, Air Traffic Controllers and Specialised Aeronautical Management Technical Engineers and so on, were all closely examined.
Together with this quality control, the investment made in The Aircraft Fleet, Flight Simulators, Instructors and Infrastructure were also reviewed. All of this allows for the offer of a comprehensive personalised training plan guaranteeing that any student is able to gain access to the real world of flying with ease.


Only a few months ago, the well known webaviationvoice.comrecognized Airpull Aviation Academy as being the 12th school in a ranking out of the Top Fifty schools in Europe, and the 32nd in ranking on the planet (out of a total number of 170 schools evaluated objectively). Now we have also been recognised as the Best European Flight School 2019.  All this means that Airpull Aviation Academy, together with our Team, Fleet, Simulators, Infrastructure, Quality Control and Flying Training Programme  has become one of the mainstays for pilot training in Europe, with a commitment to maintain and improve on our top class performance for the benefit of our students. These are the pilots who will enable us all to enjoy the services provided by aviation throughout the coming years

Why trust Airpull Aviation Academy?


Integrated ATPL and other complementary aviation courses are available.


Theory and practice in an aeronautic atmosphere that immerses you in the aviation world. Aerodrome and student dorm at the same location.


More than 10 aircrafts for your practical flight training.


ATO and FSTD certificates. International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools

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Award for the best aviation school in Spain