ATPL(A) Integrated Advanced Course


ATPL(A) Integrated Premium Course
ATPL(A) Integrated Advanced Course
ATPL(A) Integrated Basic Course
ATPL(A) Theoretical Knowledge Modular Course


Aeroplane Flight Instructor Course – FI(A)
Aeroplane Instrument Rating Instructor Course – IRI(A)
Aeroplane Class Rating Instructor Course MEP(LAND) - CRI MEP(A)
MCC Instructor Course – MCCI(A)
Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Instructor Course - FI UPRT(A)


Light Aircraft Pilot's Course (LAPL)
Aeroplane – Private Pilot’s Course – PPL(A)
Airplane Night Rating Course – NR(A)
Basic Instrument Rating Course BIR(A)
Instrument Rating Course – IR(A)
MEP-IR Aeroplane Modular Course
Performance-Based Navigation Course – PBN(A)
Multi-Engine Single-Pilot Aeroplane Class Rating Course – MEP(Land)
Aeroplane Modular Commercial Pilot Course – CPL(A)
Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Course – UPRT(A)
Banner Towing Rating Course - BTR(A)
Multicrew Cooperation Course – MCC(A)

This is an ab-initio integrated course commenced with no previous flight experience.
The purpose of the integrated course for Airline Transport Pilots ATP (A) consists of the training of pilots up to a level of competence to enable them to act as copilot in multi-engine and multi pilot aircraft for airline commercial transport, and at the same time obtain the Commercial Pilot’s Licence (Aircraft) CPL(A), Instrument Rating (IR), Single-Engine Rating (SE), Multi-engine Rating (ME), and the ground school phase of the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Frozen ATPL) along with the Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC-CRM) in a simulator FNPT II / MCC.


  • Class 1 medical certificate.
  • Knowledge entrance exam
  • Pass the pre-entry English and Psychometrics level tests
  • Minimum Age: 18 years at the time of the final exam

Ground Training:

Air Law 70
Aircraft General Knowledge 110
Flight Performance and Planning 120
Human Performance 60
Meteorology 80
Navigation 190
Operational Procedures 40
Principles of Flight 40
Communications 40
Total 750

Flight Training

195 flight hours, divided as follows:

  • 142 hours single engine VFR
  • 3 hours single engine semi-aerobatic UPRT
  • 39 hours single engine IFR
  • 11 hours multi-engine IFR

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) course

  • Ground school course 25 hours
  • Simulator 20 hours (10 PF + 10 PNF)

Total estimated duration of the complete course:

15 months


Ground exams: In the English language in Madrid (Senasa) monthly throughout the year except August, or in Airpull facilities on designated dates.

Flight exams, supervised by an examiner authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority using the school’s fleet and facilities.

Other expenses included:

  • Landing fees
  • Ipad with ATPL(A) Books
  • Plotter, CRP5, Location Chart
  • 12 months subscription to Aviation Exam
  • Headset and Logbook
  • Uniform
  • SE-VFR flight exam and fees
  • CPL-ME flight exam and fees
  • ME-IR flight exam and fees License issuing fees

I am interested in the course

George Predoiu

At Airpull Aviation during my PPL was amazing. They made an amazing job to schedule training flights when was possible for me as I live in another country. The own aerodrome and facilities are good to train you to become a great pilot as you can do as many landings and take offs as you want. Looking forward to start the ATPL now!

Stefano Martegani

I was an Italian modular ATPL student and I did there my IR, NR, ME, CPL and MCC. The high level of school’s organization, together with amazing instructors, gave me the best pilot training ever. I did in 5 months what I could have done in Italy in 12, also because the aerodrome is property of the school, with all the advantages of the case. 100% best quality/cost ratio for pilot training!

Jean Gabriel Ducournau

A great Flying School. Neat, well kept, organized, clean, efficient, SAFE, great instructors, great food at the Restaurant and best of it all: It makes you feel at home. The airport environment is very enjoyable where you get to see all kind of Aviators, from aviation students with their instructor or doing their solo flights to all kind of aircraft owners who gather to have fun while flying their airplanes and their family and friends sharing great Spanish food. Just like I said above, being ran by its owners, you can feel how well the want to do it and they do indeed!! If you are searching for a suitable place to discover aviation or become a professional Pilot in Europe search no more: This is

Rafael Vidal Dupuy

Airpull Aviation Academy has been my flight school during my process of becoming a commercial pilot. This great school has always provided me with outstanding services. Not only the facilities but their own large fleet of aircrafts allow for a “non-queuing” experience and focus on what is most important, flying as much as possible, gaining knowledge and experience. All of this wouldn’t be possible either without their great team of instructors and, of course, an unbeatable meteorology, which helps swift the process. If your dream can be found in an airplane’s console, I can’t do anything but recommend Airpull Aviation Academy.

Vicente Soler

Airpull Aviation Academy has been and is my home. The place where I started and finished my ATPL studies to later become an airline pilot. The possibility of having an own aerodrome with no waiting times or commercial traffic interruptions make it a wonderful place for the instruction. Good aircraft maintenance and an excellent human team!

Jorge Roig

Perfect place to invest in studying an Integrated ATPL(A) Course. Thanks to its facilities with its own private aerodrome, that is always in constant evolution and improvements, its instructors whose education is constantly updating and with unique experiences within different airlines, make Airpull Aviation Academy leader in pilot training.

Student FAQ

Airpull Aviation Academy, as being the only school in Spain with its own aerodrome, comes with a bigger advantage above the rest, as the number of operations it conducts is highly superior. The fact of having its own aerodrome also allows centralizing all the education on the same spot, being Requena aerodrome where all the classrooms, aircrafts, simulators and student dorms are located.

Why trust Airpull Aviation Academy?


Integrated ATPL and other complementary aviation courses are available.


Theory and practice in an aeronautic atmosphere that immerses you in the aviation world. Aerodrome and student dorm at the same location.


More than 10 aircrafts for your practical flight training.


ATO and FSTD certificates. International Association of Aviation Personnel Schools

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