April 2018 has become a historic month for Airpull Aviation Academy

Last April turned out to be a record month for our organization, after having carried out 636 flying hours covered in a grand total of 385 missions. All of this has amounted to the highest number of hours flown during any month of April since the start of our pilot training activities back in 2004. As well as this, the air time completed during this month of April 2018 has also become the third month with the greatest number of flying hours carried out in all of Airpull Aviation Academy’s history of operations.

We also have to take into account two huge events which have meant a watershed moment for our company.

The first of these has been the arrival of our second flight simulator for our ATO at our facility in Requena. This is an FSTD FNPTII/MCC training device, which exactly simulates the cockpit of an Airbus A320 (currently one of the most widely used aeroplanes by airlines), in which our students will be able to complete their MCC/JOC course. As well as the abovementioned primary role, it will also be a vital tool for the preparation of the flight simulator skills test which many airlines carry out to assess new candidates for pilot recruitment.

The second, but by no means least important event is the termination of our first MCC course. The names of the technical crew under training, as well as that of the instructor, will forever be recorded in our history. Our heartfelt congratulations go to Manuel Antonio Díaz and Norbertino Guzman who performed outstandingly as the flight crew, and our thanks to Captain Ricardo Belda who guided them throughout. Many thanks to all three for making up part of who we are.

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